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Our Partners

"Alea iacta est."

Sweetwater Defense

Sweetwater Defense is a company that specializes in developing advanced defense and security solutions, including the Sirius Companion Computer and Ecosystem. The company focuses on creating cutting-edge technologies for secure communication, drone integration, and defense systems, leveraging innovations such as Real Random for quantum-safe cryptography and mesh networking. By partnering with other leading organizations and integrating their technologies, Sweetwater Defense aims to enhance the capabilities of military and emergency response operations, ensuring robust protection against potential threats and fostering efficient collaboration among various stakeholders.


Bruen Medical Partners

Bruen Medical Partners is a concierge health and wellness company that connects you to world-class services in your home, office, senior centers and nursing facilities Your health is our priority – that’s why we have assembled a team of medical professionals and advanced health and wellness solutions focused on your best health.
Our concierge service offerings include:
At-home Medical Services
Regenerative Therapies
Nutritional & Medical Infusions
Preventative Care & Vaccines
Vitality & Anti-aging Solutions
Comprehensive Metabolic and Nutritional testing
Professional medical evaluations and diagnoses in the comfort of your home.